Nature protection and CSR

Nature protection

Base Metals cjsc realizes its activity in spheres bearing essential environmental risks. At the same time based on international experience and using technologies economical from environmental point of view, the company managed to limit the possible influence of activities of the mining complex on the environment within the strict frames of international requirements. After several visits to different subdivisions on various territories of the company, many Armenian and international groups of experts expressed their definite positive conclusion and high mark towards the activity of the company from environmental point of view.


Most of the industrial objects situated on the nearby territories of Drmbon, have been drafted and constructed by Base Metals cjsc as objects with dual significance. After the consumption of industrial mineral resources the company intends to convert the constructions and subconstructions, being currently exploited,  into a huge tourism complex for the development of different types of  tourism in the region, first of all ecotourism.

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